This start up Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner Starter kit is ideal for thoses wanting to make the switch from bottle to bar. This starter kit comes in two wonderful smells, Lavender and Tea tree or Lavender and Geranium. 


Lavender and Tea Tree = The castor oil in this nourishing shampoo bar produces a gorgeous creamy lather that conditions and cares for your hair more deeply. Lavender and tea tree essential oils help it refresh as well as it cleanses and our all-natural conditioner has calming essential oils as well as leaving your hair softer, fuller and wonderfully frizz-free.


Lavender and Geranium = This nourishing shampoo bar is compact, long-lasting, and uses caster oil for a creamy and deeply conditioning lather that cleans and cares for your locks and scalp. Relaxing lavender and rose geranium essential oils add to the pleasure and Our handy little conditioner bar is kinder to the planet, gentler on your scalp, and leaves your hair super-duper soft and marvellously manageable.


Lavender - A classic smell in Latin the name for lavender actually means wash. This soap will relax you as well as clean you up the right way.

Sage and Ivory - Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner Starter Set