Organic Fairtrade cotton buds from ecoLiving. Made in Europe. FSC® Mix recycled paper, certified Fairtrade organic cotton. 

100 compostable cotton buds, zero plastic and zero waste. 


EcoLiving cotton buds are made from recycled FSC® Mix (Min 70%) paper + certified Fairtrade and GOTS organic cotton that is grown without synthetic pesticides 

The cotton swabs are made entirely from recycled FSC® Mix paper that doesn't use any new natural resources, is VERY sustainable & is made in Europe with a super low carbon footprint. And of course, the cotton used is grown without synthetic pesticides (so no atmospheric contamination) and is certified Fairtrade which means when you buy this with us, you are making a true difference to the lives of families, farmers, and workers.

Organic Fairtrade Cotton Buds (FSC Mix 70%)