Sage and Ivory group = Our Story

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

Over a year ago we began our: Ecofriendly, Sustainable journey. Lots of people asked us why we were doing it? Telling us, this way of life is over-priced and many times not practical. I am not going to lie and say it has always been easy because, we have had our ups and downs along the way and we are still learning. But once you embark upon this life, it can be financially and practically rewarding, and create a positive life change.

Doing something different is always daunting and this was the same for us. We have tried lots of different products to make sure they are right for our life and this is how our little shop (Sage and Ivory) was born.

When we began our journey, we had three aims:

  • To have a more Sustainable life

  • To make sure the products we bought were Ecofriendly, Practical and Sustainable

  • The most important aim was to ensure the products we bought were not only kind to our planet, but also within our budget

Through going on this journey, we wanted to offer products we know work, which are Affordable and give something back to our planet.

We want to bring Affordable, Ecofriendly, Sustainable products that work from our home to yours.

Please follow our blog to share our journey with us.

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