Room by Room? What products did I change in my Bathroom?

If like me, you felt overwhelmed by the thought of changing everything all at once and didn’t quite know where to start or what to research. My advice to you would be to take it bit by bit.

Start by taking a room at a time. These are the things I changed to in my bathroom:

Bars of soap I found the Friendly soap range. I love them!! They smell amazing, come in so many different scents and clean your body and hands better than any liquid soap I’ve ever used. They are also free from: SLS, Parabens, Plastic, Palm oil, Cruelty and they are Vegan.

Shampoo and Conditioner bar I also found the best shampoo and conditioning bars for my hair was the Friendly soap range too. My favorite of their range is the Lavender and Tea Tree. But lots more people have the same opinion because Friendly Soap Lavender and Geranium won the 2020 ‘Your healthy living’ awards for the best toiletries and beauty product.

Soap Saver I changed my plastic loofah to an exfoliating soap saver. It helps you to save money whilst exfoliating, as it collects all the small pieces of soap together with your fresh bar of soap and if it is hung to dry after it has been used (I normally hang mine on my bath taps) it will prolong the life of your bar of soap.

Bath Salts I changed my bubble-bath to bath salts. I found a really nice bath salt from a local maker called @YarraBrighton. She makes a range of luxury bathroom products at affordable prices and are all made from natural ingredients. I enjoy relaxing with these bath salts.

Toothbrush I changed my plastic toothbrush to a 100% plant-based toothbrush. I found an affordable100% biodegradable toothbrush. This toothbrush has castor oil bristles which can be composted instead of the bamboo toothbrushes with nylon bristles. I wanted to be able to compost the whole toothbrush instead of composting part of it and was very excited when I found this one. As my aim was to have little of no waste from my products I was using.

Dental Floss I changed my plastic dental floss to eco-floss by Ecoliving as it is made from plant based materials. Apart from being the best dental floss I have found on the market so far. I love the fact it started its life as corn from a previously wasted by product from the food industry. It is also made from 100% renewable resources instead of the crude oil plastic alternatives and it uses 80% fewer greenhouse gasses than regular floss and it is Vegan.

Re-usable razor I swap my plastic disposable razors to a plastic free (8.7living) reusable razor. It’s not only plastic free completely (even the packaging is plastic free). It will save you money as you will only need to replace the blades which you can recycle them when the blade have finished their life and this razor will last you a lifetime so you will save money on not having to replace the razor every time the blade runs out.

Face Wash I used to wash my face in an exfoliating spot wash as my face has big pores and it is quiet greasy. But now I use local raw honey from a local beekeeper. As it is pack with lots of vitamins and nutrients and my face has never felt so better. I exfoliate once a week with honey and bi-carbonate of soda and my face is less greasy and I put less moisturizer on my face now then what I was before using the spot wash. Make-up pads I don’t wear a lot of makeup but when I do I changed from using disposable cotton rounds to reusable bamboo make-up remover wipes with a bag to be able to wash them time and time again in the washing machine.

Cotton buds I didn’t really think about cotton buds until researching more and more and many cotton buds have plastic in them, made from plastic/cotton mix and have chemicals in them. So I found cotton buds which were made from recycled paper and organic cotton that had been grown without any synthesis pesticides. I also wanted them to be 100% compostable to make them zero waste.

These were the main things I changed in my bathroom and there is still a few more things I need to change. For example I haven’t been able to find a toothpaste I like or I think is affordable for our budget. The same for toilet paper I haven’t made up my mind on what brand is best yet and I am still doing my research as they have conflicting eco-friendly opinions which I need to do some more research into this before I commit to changing this. But I will keep researching and I am sure we will find these alternatives soon.

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